If you are in the area and would like a whole pie that is not on the list, we can make one specially for you. Just call us 48 hours in advance, and tell us what you’d like.

We have frozen, unbaked pies available for sale. If you want the delicious taste and aroma of The Pie Place at home, what better way to do so than by baking one of our pies in your very own kitchen?

Apricot Custard

Custard Coconut


Maple Custard

Rhubarb Custard Meringue

Nectarine & Almond Custard

Peach Custard

Honey Pie

Cream Pies

Fruit Pies


Amish Butterscotch

Banana Cream

Banana Brickle Cream

Blueberry Cream

Chocolate Banana Cream

Chocolate Cream

Coconut Banana Cream

Coconut Cream

The Pie Place Cafe restaurant's bakery in Grand Marais, Minnesota offers an extensive pie selection including berry pies, cream pies, and specialties. We also offer a selection of cookies, cakes and other seasonal desserts.

Pies are baked daily, with both the crusts and the fillings made from scratch, using fresh and fresh frozen fruit to ensure the best flavor.

Lemon Buttermilk

Mango Cream

Maple Syrup

Mocha Cream

Old Fashioned Cream

Orange Cream

Orange Chocolate Cream

Sour Cream Raisin

Blackberry Cherry Walnut
Blackberry Peach
Blueberry Rhubarb
Blueberry Sour Cream
Blueberry Sour Cherry
Very Berry

Cherry with Hazelnut Crust
Cherry Praline
Cherry Tortoni
Cherry Peach
Cherry Apple
Cherry Pear

Lemon Blueberry

Shaker Lemon

Specialty Pies

Over the years we have created several hundred unique variations of pies. We have compiled the list of the the most popular pies below.

Some of these pies are regularly available on a daily basis, some seasonally, and all of the pies on the list are available for special order.

Maple Pumpkin

Honey Pumpkin


Pumpkin Streusel

Pumpkin with Ginger Streusel

Pumpkin Chiffon

Ultimate Pumpkin

Mincemeat & Rum Butter


Brandy Alexander

Brownie Walnut

Buttermilk Chess

Chocolate Coffee Toffee

Chocolate Caramel

Bourbon Pecan

Maple Pecan

Maple Walnut

Mocha Pecan


Raisin Pecan Chess

Raisin Pecan

Sour Cream Nut

Sweet Potato Nut

Caramel Walnut

Carrot Nut

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Spice Cream



Cinnamon Peach

Peach Sour Cream
Peach Plum
Peach Praline
Peach Swirl

Cheddar Pear
Pear Streusel
Spiced Pear

Raspberry Linzer Tart
Raspberry Rhubarb
Raspberry Truffle Tart
Roasted Rhubarb Raspberry

Strawberry Rhubarb
Sweet Cheese Raspberry
Strawberry Chiffon

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Orange Pecan

Chocolate Hazelnut

Cocoa Capuccino Mousse

German Chocolate


Walnut Fudge

White Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Pecan

Mocha Almond Ice Cream

Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream

Banana Split

Frozen Key Lime


Apple Ginger with Spiced Crust

Apple Ginger with Cider Bourbon Sauce

Apple Raisin Lattice

Apple Cranberry

Apple Cranberry Ribbon

Apple Cranberry Streusel

Apple Maple Cream

Apple Cheddar Crumble

Boiled Cider

Caramel Pecan Apple

Chai Spice Apple

Northwoods Apple

Rose Water Apple

Rustic Apple Tart

Sour Cream Apple


Apricot Almond Crunch

Plum Crust

Brandy Plum